A bit more information about "Integration of OpenCV and JuliaImages"

I want to contribute to this project. I have fair understanding of C++ but new to openCV.
Currently I am trying to understand this project.
Apart from that on which area should I focus more and know about to be able to contribute more effectively ?

Work has been done in maxruby/OpenCV.jl. See in particular https://github.com/maxruby/OpenCV.jl/issues/16

But I would consider (restarting an OpenCV.jl-project, with) auto-generation of Julia-bindings for OpenCV based on how the Python bindings are generated:

But using Libclang instead of a custom (Python) C++ header parser:

You can use Clang to generate either Cxx.jl or CxxWrap.jl wrappers.

I’ve worked with OpenCV for many years now. If using Julia for image processing, I would actually recommend reimplementing some of the algorithms to take advantage of Julia-specific optimizations for image processing algorithms. If these algorithms go in Images.jl or ImageFeatures.jl or some other project, that would be even more icing on the cake.

Sounds very interesting. A good OpenCV support is definitely very valuable, considering the amount of algorithms implemented.

@mprat Sure, if we have a Native implementation that has similar coverage, that would be fantastic.