Open REPL in VS Code

Everytime I restart VS Code, I forget how to switch from PowerShell to REPL. I know there is a command, and a mouse, toolbar path, but I can’t keep track of either, and I don’t see an option that works in the documentation.

This article will show you how to find existing key bindings and how to record your own:

I use ctrl + alt + r to start my REPL.


I feel your pain. But I’ll say that in using VSCode effectively, it’s best to get familiar with the command pallette, which is opened (on windows) with Ctrl-Shift-p. Once on the command pallette, you can type julia to get all the Julia related commands. But they are also sorted by use, so the Julia: Start REPL command is usually near the top for me. That is how I typically use VSCode, rather than memorising shortcuts.


Awesome! helped a lot, I’ll definitely use this in the futre!

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Thanks, I’ll practice these and try to memorize them.