Open Graph image for the Julia repository

GitHub now supports custom Open Graph images that will show up if links to the Julia repository are embedded in social media (twitter, etc.):

If somebody wants to come up with a nice design, I’ll happily set it up on the Julia repo.

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This is the template that GitHub suggests (size wise):

I’ve no idea what information you want here, so I’ll just leave something colourful and perhaps others can suggest more informative text or whatever… julia-open-graph


Let me put it in and we’ll see how it looks in context.

Seems to work in slack, but is a bit small:


I think it’s bigger on things like twitter or facebook, but I haven’t yet been able to get that to actually pick it up. Perhaps there is some caching.

All the small features doesn’t seem to lend itself so well to an image that might be quite small.

Yes, I thought 1280 by 680 or whatever was too good to be true… :slight_smile:

Here is what it looks like on facebook now (after I found the button to hit to invalidate their og cache):

There the smaller features are indeed visible, though I think the contrast around the logo is a bit low.

And here’s twitter:


I think the sides look a bit empty. I think we should make the logo fill up most of the space. Perhaps a subtle background that’s visible when displayed large like this, but unobtrusive if scaled down.

I like the relatively less busy SO ad from last year. Of course its dimensions are different, but it seems like the right idea to me:


I confess I do get carried away with all the nice things that Julia can draw, so I’m struggling to restrain myself here… :slight_smile:

I thought this inverse one was kind of cool, but it’s off the official path a bit…

OK, here’s the less colorful one you probably want:


FWIW, I love the first one (of the three)!


I really like the first one as well! Nitpick, but how does it look with “the” and “programming language” in the same font size?


Might be better, although the “the” might start to look a bit lost?

I’ve set up the first one. I think it works fairly well, but let’s see how it works out in practice. Thanks as always for your creativity @cormullion!

I’m wondering if we should move the text over to the left a little bit. I don’t have something concrete, but the weight of the image feels a little lop-sided to the right.

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Yes, as the logo gets bigger and darker it gets more difficult to optically center it! (Its asymmetry makes positioning it tricky… The brighter colors on the right side move the optical center to the right, but then the tail of the “j” moves it back a bit. (And the rest of the graphics are asymmetrical too, and sloping to boot… :slight_smile: )

My usual preference is to make the distance from the left edge to the start of the “j” the same distance from the end of the “a” to the right side. However, it’s just a very slight preference, and I’ll admit that centering in the middle of the “l” is good too. I could move it around all day and never be quite happy. Or to put it another way, I’m happy either way!

Current version | Next version?

Offtopic: Would it be too much to ask if you could create a wallpaper version of this nice image? :heart_eyes::slightly_smiling_face: By that I mean higher resolution, typical aspect ratios and shrinking the logo a bit so that it doesn’t dominate the whole screen.

You could also provide the svg and people can rescale the image themselves but that wouldn’t look as nice I guess.

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Nice idea! I’ll upload some to Flickr later today or perhaps tomorrow.

Edit: I ran the code through a selection of sizes. Some of the sizes look odd to me, but perhaps one or two will fit? Find me by message if you want anything, to save clogging the discourse… :slight_smile:

sizes = [
    (960,  600),
    (1024, 640),
    (1280, 480),
    (1280, 720),
    (1280, 800),
    (1280, 800),
    (1344, 840),
    (1440, 900),
    (1440, 900),
    (1600, 600),
    (1600, 1000),
    (1680, 1050),
    (1680, 1050),
    (1920, 1080),
    (1920, 1080),
    (1920, 1080),
    (1920, 1200),
    (1920, 1200),
    (2048, 768),
    (2304, 864),
    (2560, 960),
    (2560, 1024),
    (2560, 1440),
    (2560, 1600),
    (2880, 1800),
    (3200, 1200),
    (5120, 2880)]

for size in sizes
    w, h = size
    makewallpaper(w, h, "/tmp/wallpaper-$w-$h.png")
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Personally, I don’t think the current image work very well in the small format it is often presented. The small features make some kind of moiré pattern when being upscaled and 90% of the text is unreadable. I would guess that a image with no small features in the background (like the 101010 that are in some of) and with less text (only “julia”) would work better. The julia icon is “iconic” enough so that it doesn’t have to be explained what it is in the logo imo.