How to set up Julia in a machine isolated from internet?

I am really having fun in using Julia for my hobby project at home.
Especially, the multiple dispatch feature which I have once read about in books of CL.
And I would like to use it for my work, which has machines isolated from internet.

I plan to do
(1) set up Julia in a linux machine (outside work machines),
(2) find the relevant directories for this working Julia
(3) zip them
(4) transfer the zip_file to the work machines, and unzip them.

Will this work ?
What are the ‘complete’ list of directories in (2) ?



That will work. The 2 folders you will need are the julia (ie the thing that you download from, and ~/.julia


While the above should work, you can also use a container (eg Docker), automating this whole process and add unit testing for various features.

Couldn’t there be issues if you are using packages that install/use external libraries?

Maybe a custom sysimage could also work

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