October Hackfest in London

I’m pleased to announce that next Monday, the London Julia User group will host a Hackfest in the spirit of Hacktoberfest.

Please join us, whether you have a project or not. This will be a great opportunity to talk to Julia developers, beginners and experts alike.


How good this Hackfest was? Can you write here some your thoughts and reflections?

We had about 20 people turn up. There were a few people who were completely new to Julia, and some who were experience package developers. The evening was very informal, so it is difficult to say with certainty what the overall level of “good” there was. But from my point of view, lots of people were talking to each other. Some of the new folks got help with Julia tutorials, while some more experienced people helped each other to unblock some of their development. All in all, I was happy that it was time well spent.

The next event in London is on the 12th of November, and will be on the theme of “Julia and Big Data”




Thank you for replay. On such small events what counts the most is atmosphere and connecting people. By that measure, this sound quit good, if not very good.