** SOLVED - Tried running the demo program for Oceananigans - I got as far as this:

julia> run!(simulation)
[ Info: Initializing simulation…
[ Info: … simulation initialization complete (88.034 ms)
[ Info: Executing initial time step…
[ Info: … initial time step complete (1.092 seconds).
[ Info: Simulation is stopping after running for 4.906 seconds.
[ Info: Simulation time 4 seconds equals or exceeds stop time 4 seconds.

Nothing displayed - but I’m using WSL so may be walled off from the necessary back-end. Trying again later on Linux PC. Anyone have experience running this basic demo model on a regular PC? How is the demo supposed to be displayed? Does the program create a file, open a page on the web browser or maybe require additional graphics back-end package?

** Disregard - Researched further and it appears that I need Makie.jl or some other means of displaying 3D simulation.