NumFocus Small Development Grants for Summer 2018

NumFocus announced a call for proposals for small development grants. Please apply directly to NumFocus using the links below, if interested.


Call for Proposals - Small Development Grants - Summer 2018

NumFOCUS invites proposals from its sponsored and affiliated projects for targeted small development grants. This is the second of three small grant cycles NumFOCUS plans to offer in 2018.

There are no restrictions on what the funding can be used for. Code development, documentation work, educational, sustainability, and diversity initiatives, or other types of projects are all eligible.

Only one application may be submitted per project (per grant funding cycle).

For examples of grants that were funded in the first round, see here:

Available Funding:
Up to $3,000 per proposal
Allocated funding is $20,000 for this cycle; depending on the number and quality of proposals this may be adjusted up or down.

Proposals must be approved by the leadership of a NumFOCUS sponsored or affiliated project.
Proposed work must have a clear outcome, achievable within 2018.
The call is open to applicants from any nationality and can be performed at any university, institute or business worldwide (US export laws permitting).

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Dr. Gina Helfrich
Communications Director, NumFOCUS


Folks, if you are interested, please send your application to me - by June 22. We can select only one application and submit to NumFocus from the Julia front. Please provide:

Email Address
First and Last Name
Description (750 words or less)
Benefit to Project/Community (350 words or less)
Timline of deliverables
Project Team

In case I receive multiple applications, I will work with the JuliaCon selection committee to pick one project from the Julia committee and submit the application to NumFocus, which will then decide if the project can be funded.



Just a quick reminder here. Some of you sent me that you are interested on Slack with a brief project description. I really need you to email me with all the details above, so that we can then send all applications to the selection committee.

I am requesting Chris Rackauckas to help put together a selection committee.


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Clarification. Please fill in the information in an email with the fields I mentioned above and email it to me.

Do not fill out the NumFocus form. Your entry will not be considered, and it will only increase their workload. Sorry that I wasn’t clear about this before.


Can anyone give me a list of “NumFOCUS sponsored and affiliated projects”?
I lost the deadline of “Julia”?
How can I do other than Julia?
when is the time of third cycle of this small development grants in 2018?

The awards were announced.

We submitted Sheehan Olver’s project from half a dozen Julia submissions (judged by a committee) as our choice of a Julia project for a development grant from NumFocus. Sheehan’s submission was successfully funded. Congratulations!



Is this programme happening this year as well ?