NumFOCUS small development grant

NumFOCUS has solicited proposals for a small project grant, which is available for a sum of USD 3000. Each project within the NumFOCUS umbrella is eligible to submit one proposal. If you have an idea for a project that can be accomplished in a few months within the next year, please email me ( with details, including a project title, a description, and an articulation of the value to the community for that project. We’ll also need a tentative schedule. Please email my in the next few days, latest by Tuesday 23rd of October. This is not much time, but the proposal can be brief at this stage. Please also let me know if you need any clarifications.

Since only one proposal may be submitted to NumFOCUS, we will have to select one if we receive multiple proposals. The selection will be carried out by Alex Ararslan (@ararslan) , Pontus Stenentorp (@ninjin) and myself, based on community benefit and likelihood of success.

Below is the original announcement from NumFOCUS:

NumFOCUS invites proposals from its sponsored and affiliated projects for targeted small development grants three times per year. This is the third and final call for proposals for 2018.

There are no restrictions on what the funding can be used for: code development; documentation work; educational, sustainability, and diversity initiatives; or other types of projects are all eligible.

Only one application may be submitted per project per grant funding cycle.

For examples of proposals that have been funded in prior grant rounds, see the NumFOCUS blog:

Available Funding:

  • Up to $3,000 per proposal
  • Allocated funding is $20,000 for this cycle; depending on the number and quality of proposals this may be adjusted up or down.


  • Proposals must be approved by the leadership of a NumFOCUS sponsored or affiliated project.

  • Proposed work must have a clear outcome, achievable within 2018 or early 2019.

  • The call is open to applicants from any nationality and can be performed at any university, institute or business worldwide (US export laws permitting).



Very new to Julia, but already love its design, scope, elegance, tone and community.

*** I have a fascinating multi-domain project, I trust may be a good fit for NumFOCUS small grant.

“Natural Paths from Plants to People: Exploring Functions of Form & Growth”

But, I am jamming for time this past week…

Question 1:
-> Is the 23rd-Oct Deadline === THE DEADLINE,
or is there any possibility of a grace few +days
=> to email you my proposal idea on Friday 26th ??

Question 2:
when might be the _next opportunity to apply for a NumFOCUS grant?

In any event,
I am delighted to discover Julia,
and all the wonderful work being done and implicated for the future.
Until now I have been looking to Wolfram-Mathematica, or Python, for the project. I have been watching the recent summer London conference videos on YouTube.
Julia seems to be ideal.

Thank you very much.

Jason Cunliffe

Nomadics Energy & Design Arts Research Lab
160 Chemin des Genets
82200 Moissac, FRANCE

tel +33 [FRANCE] (0)

Thank you to everyone who has written in with a proposal.

This exercise has made me much more aware of the amazing work that is happening with Julia, and it makes me even more disappointed that we cannot select more proposals.

We’ll get back to everybody in a couple of days.

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Does this mean that the proposal time has not been extended?

There was a deadline. Avik says that many people submitted proposals. I wouldn’t count on an extension, no.

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In the academic field, there’s always an extension! :slight_smile: