Numerical analysis course with Julia

In case it’s of interest, this semester I am teaching the undergraduate numerical analysis course (course code 18.330) at MIT, using Julia. Slides, notebooks and screen recordings are available at

Comments are, of course, welcome!


The graduate-level version (which is narrower but deeper) is also in Julia:


Is the page updated?

Do we have a list of open-source courses at (under)grad level?

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I fear that “no” and “no” are the answers. Please feel free to update that page!


I’m teaching similar courses at the National University of Singapore.

The first course covers more topics but assumes some prior experience with numerical analysis. The second course is more introductory. TeX files are available upon request.


The video lectures don’t seem to be available:

There are no public videos available for viewing. Please login to view private videos.

@dpsanders , thank you so much for the screen recordings! However, I was only able to find the recordings of the first 17 lectures, could you please upload the remaining recordings too?

@stevengj , thank you for providing links to the lectures; however it does not provide access to people without an MIT email id. Is there any way you could disable this, or host them publicly?

Thanks to both of you in advance.

No, unfortunately MIT does not allow this, but at least the notes and other materials are available


Is it a question of accessibility?

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