Are new courses teaching Julia just started?

Just noticed that in SO there seems to be many new SO users asking questions that sounds really like class exercises, and wondered if that is because of some new classes that just started and that focus on Julia… …just curious…

Probably yes, the fall semester must be picking up pace now at most places.

Let’s be nice and helpful to the new users, hopefully some of them will stay.

At the same time, we should keep in mind that most universities have an explicit homework policy, and excessive help could get a student into trouble. Because of this, I suggested a homework tag and some loose policy about homeworks, but the community was much smaller then so maybe that’s why it was not needed.


I’m excited that I just put up the syllabus for my new course on Scientific Machine Learning:

This’ll be a fun one :slight_smile:


Are you gonna make a version for the OCW or even MITx ? Currently MITx offers an introductory machine learning course, but Python-based.

And, by the way, if you are at MIT, let whoever directs the MITx’s “Statistics and Data Science” MicroMasters program know that the “14.310x - Data Analysis for Social Scientists” course (included in the program) is of extraordinary low quality (and level)…


This is great! Keep this up Chris and you’ll be on Joe Rogan soon.

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IIRC someone mentioned that CMU’s intro linear algebra class will use Julia


I’m reviving this because I just discovered the series of youtube lectures from and they are phenomenal! I’ve watched the Optimizing Serial Code in Julia 1: Memory Models, Mutation, and Vectorization lecture and it’s so well explained: what heap/stack are, why memory allocations are costly, how broadcasting works. I highly recommend watching them!

I want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to this excellent course!