Notebook help using question mark is broken in Julia 0.6.4

In a Jupyter notebook running the Julia 0.6.4 kernel, typing a leading question mark(?) followed by anything results in similar problems for me, on Mac and Linux:


UndefVarError: result not defined

[1] execute_request(::ZMQ.Socket, ::IJulia.Msg) at /Users/E19983/.julia/v0.6/IJulia/src/execute_request.jl:186
[2] (::Compat.#inner#14{Array{Any,1},IJulia.#execute_request,Tuple{ZMQ.Socket,IJulia.Msg}})() at /Users/E19983/.julia/v0.6/Compat/src/Compat.jl:332
[3] eventloop(::ZMQ.Socket) at /Users/E19983/.julia/v0.6/IJulia/src/eventloop.jl:8
[4] (::IJulia.##15#18)() at ./task.jl:335

It works fine when running julia from the terminal instead of inside a Jupyter notebook.

What’s going on?

Same here with Julia 0.6.3. I suspect that something in the latest version of IJulia might be broken…

It was definitely a bug in IJulia. It was there a few days ago.

It looks like this bug has been fixed on the master branch of IJulia.jl.

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Thanks for the info. Does this mean that if I do

julia> Pkg.update()



that it will be fixed?

The updated version of IJulia (which includes that fix) has been tagged, but it hasn’t yet been merged into the Julia package listing: . It will probably be available through Pkg.update() within a day or two.

If you want to get the latest version of IJulia right now, you can check out the master branch of IJulia with:


to undo that and go back to the released version, do"IJulia").

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Thanks! I’m still new to all this. Appreciate the detailed guidance.