Noncommutative geometry in Julia: possibility or wishfully thinking?

In my current university is strong group dealing with noncommutative geometry. Since that, I wonder if anyone here is interested in this field and if so, what are prospects of computing some noncommutative geometry properties by computer with Julia? I know that some algorithms was proposed, but I don’t know what is current state of this program (dead or alive?).

I know that is very broad topic, I just probing that problem, because I am at the end of one of my big projects and wondering about future possibilities.

Do you mean noncommutative geometry in general or its applications to condensed matter physics? Former, I have no idea. For the latter, I am not an expert in this but there are a couple of people doing condensed matter physics in Julia (eg I used Julia to develop which can be used to probe the topology of the commutative Brillouin zone, and I think it is the ideal language to do so).

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Thank you for answers, that can help. I interesting in application of noncommutative geometry to all branch of physics, condensed matter too. Maybe someone here from this field of physics will be interested in your project? I don’t know, need to check it.

I also still have problem with using discourse.

I apologized for not answering earlier, people around turn recently to many screws on me, so I must take a break from everything I can. Maybe this sound silly but it’s truth (but not the whole story).