Julia potential for high energy physics computing


On behalf of its authors, I would like to announce the following preprint released last night,

Potential of the Julia programming language for high energy physics computing, J. Eschle et al., arXiv:2306.03675

The paper is the result of an intensive work that put together many experts for the high energy physics (HEP) community.

I hope we have been didactic enough, on one hand for the non-HEP experts and on the other hand for non-computing experts from HEP community.

Have a nice reading,



We are pleased to announce you that the paper investigating the potential of Julia for high energy physics research, we earlier post the preprint here, was published yesterday in Computing and Software for Big Science.

The paper is available here: doi:10.1007/s41781-023-00104-x.

Philippe for the authors.


Kudos for this extensive assessment paper !

I believe that its impact can exceed HEP community since, based on its reputation of being at the leading edge of technology, some other communities often consider HEP trends to be relevant/serious enough to be followed. For example, I think that it can be the case in scientific computing for energy industry.

I am looking forward to reading this. Congratulations.