No syntax highlighting using OhMyREPL

For some time I am using OhMyREPL in order get better readability. Today, starting Julia from scratch without using any Package except OhMyREPL no syntax highlighting occurs anymore. I am using Julia version 1.1 and Atom editor in REPL mode.

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I think this is a bad interaction with a new release of the library OhMyREPL use to highlight text. Will fix.

You can likely workaround it with pin Crayons@1.0.0 in the RPEL.

Edit: Actually no, because I had the foresight of restricting Crayons to 1.0. So not sure why this doesn’t work for you. Are you on Crayons master?

Edit2: Ah, but it is not restricted in the REQUIRE file. So it will not work after all. Will fix.

After merged, a package update should make things work.


Thank you for the prompt reply.:+1: