No Julia Debugger

In all the beginner guides I see behavior like this:


When I attempt a debug I get:

Everything works, but it feels like something is off. I’ve not been able to figure it out, maybe someone here can help?

Add some bugs?


you can also set breakpoints and/or step through the code.

Welcome, Christopher!

Why? In your screenshot I see the execution stopped in line 1 (yellow arrow around the red dot that signals the breakpoint). If you then try the “Continue” or “Step Over” buttons (F5, F10, respectively), you should see “Hello world” printed on the terminal, and then the debugger finishing.

What do you feel is “off”?

My VSCode is debugging in a different visual style than what I’m expecting to see - Javascript vs Julia?

Again, everything works but just doesn’t look like what the software guide suggests.

The version or configuration of VS Code, or the way you launch the debugger, may produce visual differences between the snapshots given in the documentation and what you actually see.