No autocompletion for the built-in Dates module?

I am using the VSCode Julia extension v1.65.2. When I import Dates, I get no autocompletion for Dates.. Simply the extension does not suggest anything from Dates module. Is this behavior normal? Is VSCode Julia extension unable to resolve the functions inside the module? What are the workarounds or solutions?

Dates module loads in the workspace tab of VSCode, however, as you can see, it is unable to resolve the functions inside the module.

I had to “execute” (e.g. using Ctrl-Enter) the import Dates line before autocompletion worked. Not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to work, but that’s how it did work for me.

In the screenshot it is not shown. I have executed the import Dates before actually trying to test autocompletion. It seems the autocompletion is broken on my system. Not sure why.

How did you execute the line?

CTRL + Enter and I got a checkmark on the right side of import Dates and REPL started.

I have found out that Julia Language Server does not cache symbols after executing import Dates. Sometimes after opening and closing VSCode and even the REPL several times and executing import Dates the intellisense starts to work properly(Exactly after outputting the messages about caching the symbols of the specific module in use).

However, I don’t exactly know why the language server does not cache symbols of the imported modules properly.

Have you changed rhe environment to one where you have added Dates?