Nice images plus the Julia declaration of intent

I am preparing a slide to introduce myself to new work colleagues (*)
Does anyone have some nice images which sum up what Julia does?
I am also looking for a link to the Julia declaration of intent. It should be easy to find I know…

(*) new role as Dell Solutions Architect in HPC


Can you explain what that is in this context? AFAIK it’s a legal term in some countries, but I am not sure how that applies here.

Are you referring to Why We Created Julia?

Congrats on the new role John!

Thankyou. That is what I was after!

Congrats on the new role!

You might already be aware of this, but a good place to find nice examples of Julia applications is the juliacomputing website:

Or did I misunderstand the “nice images which sum up what Julia does”? Were you rather referring to images illustrating how Julia works internally?

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Thankyou. I was asked to make a short presentation on my CV and my interests.
I was looking for some nice images - something like an elevator pitch.
I will look at the case studies, thankyou.