Nexus/Sonatype Support for Julia Package Manager

Our corporation uses Nexus/Sonatype for some of its open source repository management.
Those of us trying to drag Julia into our mainstream processes fight the Free-Open-Source-Software battle which is a nightmare with package management systems. Nexus helps us with that.

If you too have this problem, go out and vote to add Julia as one of their supported packages.

[Click below to vote. You will need to create an account.]

So far we have 3 votes with an “unlikely to implement” banner showing.

Some may say, what about JuliaComputing’s offerings? Unfortunately until we get the engineers comfortable with Julia in general, they haven’t been willing to pay for these premium services. We need to start with the Free stuff. I think its a win win for the Julia community to get the right tools for the job.

Go forth and do good things!
Thanks for the support!
Allan Baker

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