Newbie and have a doubt about how things work around commenting in posts

The situation:

So as I was browsing the various posts in this forum, I came across two long form contents and commented there about if the poster would like to consider also copying the article to the new forem site so that it would benefit the community.

Somehow my posts got flagged and in panic I deleted both of them in case I get an automated ban or something. Now I realise I should have copied and posted the full message here to check with the mods.

My doubt:
Are such type of suggestions not supposd to be done?


Sounds to me as if you made a good suggestion…

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And no worries, banning isn’t automatic and not easily done by mods or fast. You will be notified and warned before, perhaps several times.

Perhaps it was because it is an older threat, so it was seen as necro-ing an old one. But 2 month isn’t that old… perhaps you should just try again.


Linking to outside sites may (?) also trigger some auto-spam-detection thing for not-yet-trusted users, but wouldn’t worry about it – sounds like you were linking to something entirely relevant and appropriate

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It is possible as you mentioned that new account + external links triggered the filters. Although, I had linked to forem which is supposed to be subdomain of, so perhaps a false positive. Thanks for the outlook on this.

I took your advice and re-posted it. It is still up. Thanks.


Take it from someone who keeps writing overly sarcastic comments at the end of bad days, you will know and have a chance to make amends before you’re banned.


This (I am in the same boat) :wink: Thanks and hugs :heavy_heart_exclamation: to @mbauman (he is doing a awesome work here, others of course, too).