Newbi First Steps in Julia for Windows

In REPL on Shell mode I type “Dir” and I get an error. I thought I could use any of the Windows Shell commands? I can use cd.

How do you clear the screen in Julia REPL. On Mac I believe is Command + K but in Windows is ??

Thanks Guys

Julia on Windows 10 64bit Version 1.0

CTRL+L should clear your screen.


The REPL has a SHELL mode. You can access it by typing a semicolon at the beginning of a line: ;
The command prompt then changes to shell>
Now type: help and you will get a list of all shell commands available.

As HCrepaz said: With the ; you can open the shell>.
However, not all commands work for Windows. cd and tree are commands that work. The dir command doesn’t. Other articels on this topic : stackoverflow, github
You can use the solution from the stackoverflow article:
shell> cmd /c dir
Or you could do the same with the readdir() function in the normal REPL mode.

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