Commands in julia

how to clean the screen (in console)
Simple commands in julia’s console

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Are you looking for CTRL + L ?



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Generally speaking the REPL is very compatible with keyboard commands, so anything that works in bash (or zsh or whatever) should work in the REPL. I’m not aware of any exceptions, even forward and reverse search work (e.g. CTRL-R).

(I don’t know about Windows. In my experience nothing ever works right in Windows, so you can probably expect nothing to work in this case as well.)

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Hitting ; will get you into shell mode, where you can type things like clear to clean the screen.


Ctrl-L is one of the few things that do work in Windows.

And if you need to clear the terminal programmatically, something like this should work:

import REPL
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that was the answer he was needing …

thank you very much to all …