Space/astro domain


It might be a good idea to create a domain, as we now have a few users and packages in the astro/space area, e.g.:

cc: @Loic_Chappaz @Nitin_Arora @helgee


I would use an astronomy-focused category.




That would be great and conducive to growing the space Julia community, whether it be for astronomers, astrophysicists, aerospace engineers, planetary scientists, or all space enthusiasts at large.


Great idea Simon. There is a growing number of people in our research community, at JPL and other space companies / NASA centers and this will help people pull together.

Let me know if you need my help on this front.



Sounds good and great to hear that Julia is gaining momentum in these fields!

Since there is a considerable overlap between the astro-x domains (see julia-astro list discussion), having a single domain on Discourse makes sense IMHO.

CC: @giordano, @kbarbary


Of course I’m all for having an astrodomain here :smiley:

JuliaAstro organization still uses Google groups as discussing forum, but this shouldn’t prevent the creation of a specific domain in this place. Maybe, eventually we’ll move JuliaAstro forum here.


@simonbyrne What needs to happen for this to come online ? Happy to do the work and contribute.


Given that there are already domains which get very little traffic, I think it would be better to create extra domains after domain-specific discussion reaches a certain volume. Searching for “astro” on this forum turns up a job posting and a note about timestamps, and this topic.


Point taken, though I do know few people (in the Julia community, like @helgee @Loic_Chappaz) who have been developing tools for Astrodynamics or Orbital Mechanics or general Space stuff. Plus I am also planning to have space related packages, @helgee has already made good contributions to this end.

Maybe “Astro” is not the right keyword. Something more general like “Space” might be more relevant. Just a thought.



I did not mean to imply that there is no significant Julia astro community. All I wanted to suggest is that creating new domains based on volume would be a reasonable rule of thumb in general.


OTOH, creating lots of domains for every major computational discipline (say astro, geo, eco, fluids, electromagnetism, molecular, data) might cause newcomers to say “hey, there are people like me doing julia”, and lower the barrier to posting.


It turns out it requires administration permissions, and @vchuravy is on holiday at the moment. Hopefully once he gets back we can create it.


FWIW, if there were a “space” domain, I would probably post a bit more than I do (don’t want to clutter other domains with space-specific stuff). Perhaps others would feel the same?

Case in point: as a result of reading this post, I checked at JuliaAstro and found EarthOrientation.jl! Nice!


Since there is already a community e.g. JuliaAstro I went ahead and created a domain:

@Nitin_Arora the first post in About the Astro/Space category is a wiki, please update it so that it fits the astor and space community.


As a result of this discussion I found AstroLib.jl which is really a game changer in my work. Thanks!


Thanks @vchuravy , I will look into this later in the day today.


@vchuravy I went ahead and edited the wiki, emulating other domains. Others should also feel free to edit it further to their liking, if needed.