Course: Introduction to computational thinking + applications to modelling the COVID-19 pandemic

Together with Alan Edelman, we are teaching an MIT course on Introduction to Computational Thinking with Julia, with applications to modelling the COVID-19 pandemic:

It’s designed for people with basic programming experience and teaches Julia from scratch by directly applying it to epidemic modelling. We will cover the basics of individual-based and differential equation modelling during the 12 lectures.

Note, however, that we are computational mathematicians, not epidemiologists. Advice from more knowledgeable members of the community is greatly appreciated.

Also, please help edit the (automatically-generated) video subtitles if you have a spare moment!
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I don’t know if it helps you, but we have done a lot of work in Agents.jl to allow creating models for covid:

Unfortunately, the second example with continuous space and social distancing is only available on master. We are working on a big release of Agents.jl 3.0, but we need about a month more time.