New Game Project

Hello to all,

We are a group of friends who are passionate about challenges and we have just set a new one. We would like to create a game with Julia using Pluto. This game is called Vector Formula (it’s a game that already exists).
But we would like to add some personal touches to it.
Basically, we would like to make it in the form of Formula 1, i.e. at the beginning of the game there would be a countdown similar to the one in the races, the road layout would look like a circuit and the moving point would be a Formula 1.
The goal is not to serve us the game ready-made but rather to give us clues about the methods and packages to use, how to animate the lights that light up and the car that moves, how to make the grid in the background…
A big thank you to the people who would help us !

Have a nice day


There’s JuliaGaming, but not sure if there’s any racing yet!

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Thanks for the useful link ! But indeed, there are no games like the one we want to develop.

you can have a look at GameZero.jl

Absolut love this idea.
Did you already start a repo?
Still remember this game from school time.

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