List of Games in Julia

Some games have already been made with Julia, I like to know if there’s a list somewhere or if there’s a good place to make a list. Since I got no response I made Introducing Julia/Games - Wikibooks, open books for an open world adding MuZero.jl and the list of games I had written about below, please extend that page.

I think Julia is as good as any language to make 2D games, at least not worse than Python. Though to get them to gaming audience is another story or alternative platforms like Android. I’m just thinking of a list for programmers, for mindshare, to know it’s possible, and for people to learn from.

Some games I know of:
(@v1.8) pkg> add GitHub - c42f/Gameoji: An emoji-based 2D dungeon crawler with live coding interface

Most, not all, are not registered but this one is:
pkg> add Gloria

GameZero.jl is useful and has some (now 5):

Some no longer install in current Julia (only older pre-1.0 version):

Does anyone have a favorite Julia game? I don’t think I’ve seen a 3D Julia game yet, or at best I recall some 3D demo, maybe it was playable.

A list of useful software to build games would also be good, e.g.:


Very interesting and useful info, thanks!


I added a link at the top, also to MuZero.jl. I only knew of DeepMinds’s AlphaZero cloned, but now MuZero too!