New finite element package



The finite element package FinEtools.jl ( is at this point usable by interested parties. There are some examples (linear acoustics, steady-state, modal, and transient, steady-state heat conduction, and linear statics and free vibration). There is also one tutorial at this point in notebook form.

All comments and suggestions welcome.



Petr, that is interesting. Is this for mechanical simulations? Are there any electric field simulaitons possible with the package?
I rather idly make this question as many years ago, when the world was young, I did my PhD thesis on a multiwire proportional chamber which had fine wires at high voltage running in aluminium channels. I often thought about modelling the electric field strengths.


Hi @John_Hearns,

It depends on what kind of electric fields you’re interested in. Quasi-static electric field? That is easy, and in fact if you’re willing to translate the coefficients of the PDE you can already solve that kind of problem as the package has an FEMM (another way of saying it has routines for computing the linear and bilinear forms) for heat conduction.



Petr, thankyou. I wil lkeep my reply short so not to annoy people. Yes, quasi-static fields.
At the time my work involved mapping what would happen if there was a defect - ie some of the wires in the detector were broken. An FE package like this would model this situation well.


@John_Hearns: We can take it off this forum if you’d like.