Electro and magneto statics


I’ve been hunting for a package for electro and magneto static modelling. The best I can find are a few FEM packages that have not had recent updates for over a year (according to github).

Right now I’m looking into DifferentialEquations.jl for this type of problem. Any other advice would be appreciated.


You want to solve “static” problems? Why not have a look at FinEtools. It already does heat conduction. Therefore to solve electrostatics you just supply the electrostatics constants as conversions into heat-conduction coefficients. Or tweak a copy of the FEMM for heat conduction to call things by their proper names.

Magnetostatics: FinEtools does not have specialized elements for that. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement something.


Thank you very much.

By FEMM you mean http://www.femm.info/wiki/HomePage ??

FinEtools looks useful.

Thanks again


Sorry for not being clear. FEMM is an abbreviation from FinEtools (https://petrkryslucsd.github.io/FinEtools.jl/machine.html). I was not aware of http://www.femm.info/wiki/HomePage: it looks pretty powerful. It seems to be limited to two dimensions though.


You might want to try pyFEMM via PyCall.jl

I also wrote FEMMfilelink.jl for the FEMM filelink interface before I discovered pyFEMM, but I’d recommend just using pyFEMM.


Another useful package is Agros2d.
It is 2d only but quite powerful and able to solve a variety of linear and nonlinear problems including multi-physics problems (e.g. Magnetic field as a source for heat transfer through Joule losses).
Comes with pre-/post processing in the GUI and Python scripting is also included


This looks great. I’ll check it out.