[NEW BOOK] Geospatial Data Science with Julia

The book will be published soon, and will contain practical applications of the framework we built over the years. If you would like to see an application in a specific area (e.g., agriculture, groundwater, environment, mining, energy), please reach out and we can try to include it in the book.



We don’t know about the book (yet) but the cover is beautiful. Maybe add some info also on how it was constructed.

We are in the process of incorporating reviews from colleagues in industry and from members of the Julia community that kindly accepted the invitation. A first version should be out soon.


We are sharing the first chapters of the book as they can already help the community navigate the vision and ecosystem we built over the years: Geospatial Data Science with Julia

If you feel that something is not clear for a first-time Julia user, please suggest improvements.

Thanks to @bkamins , @Ronis_BR , @ErickChacon , @kylebeggs who are kindly reviewing the first draft, and to other colleagues in industry outside the Julia community for their feedback.

If you would like to support the book, please consider starring it on GitHub: GitHub - JuliaEarth/geospatial-data-science-with-julia: Geospatial Data Science with Julia


The book is attracting many students from different communities who are willing to try Julia now. If you are a new Julia user, please share suggestions to improve the text and help your peers.


The book has been updated to use GeoStats.jl v0.57, which comes with full support for coordinate reference systems (CRS).

Chapter 6 - Map projections is coming next, to conclude the conceptual parts of the book. Will share it here when it is done.