New Blog on Julia

Hi! I’ve started writing a blog on Julia at T.E.C.H. - Martin Alfaro.

I’m a relatively new user of Julia, and my goal is to share various approaches that have worked for me. The posts about Julia are written for anyone, regardless of their background—I’ll make it clear when the posts are about Economics, so you can ignore them if it’s not your field.

The blog will also provide templates that can be used off the shelf, or at least serve as a base to start from. An example of this is the second post of the blog, which explains how to draw world heatmaps in Julia.

To facilitate the reading, I’ve developed a layout to make the reading straightforward. For example, I present codes in horizontal tabs for easy comparison. These tabs have automatic heights set through JavaScript, and you can use keyboard shortcuts (ctrl+upArrow or ctrl+DownArrow) to open and close all code snippets. Each post also includes a jl file with the codes used, in case someone wants to experiment.

Technically, I’ve taken advantage of the flexibility of Franklin.jl by @tlienart. It has allowed me to automate multiple aspects and write each post effortlessly.

Hope you enjoy it!


This is fantastic! I think you can expand on allocations by summarizing the tips in this thread, which I wish I had found when I was starting with Julia.

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Thanks! I’m planning on writing two more parts about efficiency improvements, one of them covering pre-allocation of outputs.

Maybe it could be a good idea to use this thread to announce when a new post is released. In principle, I’m planning on one article per week.

I’m also writing a (free) online book for a course on Julia I’ll be teaching next semester. It’ll cover all these aspects more systematically, which is not possible in a blog. There should be a first version in about two months.

Here is the list of the topics of the first two parts of the book, and also the style of the book.