New and overwhelmed!

I’ve only been programming since 1977, and have learned several computer languages over the [task lists]. :slight_smile:
The more I study Julia, to begin writing code in it, the more and more complex (meaning capability!) it gets! Wow. And I’m only in the “See Spot Run” stage! Yes, I have written many simple and quite complex programs over the ages… My favorite language is “C” esp with embedded equipment and Arduino’s and such, but I also positively reveled in the ZIM DBMS language which used relational calculus (but it’s dead now )
rather than (difficult) relational algebra like SQL and it’s ilk. First DBMS was dBase back in the late 70’s if anyone remembers that.
Read a couple Julia books, one a primer and the other a “high performance in Julia” topic.




Been there myself. I was weaned on FORTRAN IV. :frowning: Julia may seem complex, but I never found programming so easy in other languages (C, Fortran, Ada, Pascal, C++, Matlab, …). I’m sure you will have a blast, and there is nothing like this forum to help you if and when you happen to feel overwhelmed.


It’s like building a skyscraper. The Julia primitives all look so simple and direct, Take this command, place it right there, and voila. You’ve just added a girder and you feel good and satisfied. That is, until you look down and see the 107 floors that you’re standing on to get this far.
That is the image I see when trying to construct an algorithm in Julia and am still on the very first line of the program

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Don’t hesitate to ask questions here on the forum. Of course it’s easiest for us to help with specific questions with code examples. :slightly_smiling_face: