New user Welcome Post


First I suggest that Infobot should, in first greeting, tell, where the new user introductions go. Whether they have a question, introduce themselves or ask a typical “what should I use”. I was looking around to make sure it is not a spam, but probably everyone has left a line or two to say that there is a new user.

So I’m going to use Julia together with Pascal, using Gtk for Graphics and being able to include OpenGL. Julia is going to serve as a Science Language, doing the computations - and I like the Complex Numbers -, both real and imaginary part; the Pascal is going to be a client-side Architecture (I haven’t connected them yet, but I’m sure if I can connect C, I can connect Pascal). Even for structured managing, I am wanting to keep those two languages apart, also because I know a business-class has learn’t Pascal and can sometimes hack something together with my application, it has been defining simplicity. I like Julia’s ability to chat and communicate, which Pascal does not have as a personal trait. As a fourth language I will use Fortran, which will have more or less to do with managing structural data - even so, because it’s datatypes are mostly normalized binary (i.e. a//b or x + y*im as so fluent types are not so good for database indices).