Networking a game made with Julia using Firebase.jl

Hey all, this is my first time creating a post on the forums. I don’t use Julia in the way most people use it here, but if you are interested in games, you might like this. I’ve been creating a game engine using Julia and SDL2. I decided I wanted to see how long it would take to get the easiest possible networking solution available to work in my engine. So I used Firebase.jl and was able to get two clients communicating. This took me a few days on and off to figure it out. I thought it would be cool to share for anyone remotely interested. This is just a recording immediately after getting syncing of player state working. I plan on adding a simple game loop.

Link to game engine repo: GitHub - Kyjor/JulGame.jl: JulGame is a game engine based on the Julia programming language with the help of SDL2.


This is really neat, thanks for using Firebase.jl, let me gear it up for better support. I never really thought anyone was interested. Time to release some updates!!

This looks really cool!


Thank you! I definitely would have struggled on this project without being able to use it. Just sent you a message.

For anyone interested in the code for the game itself, here it it: GitHub - Kyjor/JulGame-Example at other/networking-test
I still need to clean up unnecessary files because I started with the main branch as a base and am making a different game. @Ashwani_Rathee , this might be interesting so you can see how I’m actually using Firebase.jl.

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