I created an online multiplayer game with Julia!

Hey all! It’s been awhile since my last update on my online multiplayer game. Honestly, I got very busy, and didn’t feel like taking the time to work on this. It’s a pain because whenever I was working on this, I had to balance work between three repositories, which got tedious. Anyways, I final decided to grind out the last bit (cutting unnecessary features) and just get it done. I think it’s a great tech demo about the possibilities of using firebase with Julia for game development. But the bottom line is that we have a simple 2d arcade game where the players can battle it out for the most coins! There are times where coin collection gets a bit funky, but I would spend too much time trying to perfect it when I don’t think it’s worth it. The game is playable, and I will post a download link soon. In the state that it’s in, I don’t think it’s going to be fun to play, but I think it’s a good exercise for me. I hope you find this interesting. This is just the beginning of my game dev journey with Julia! I hope to make many improvements to the engine with each new project I create, until it is actually viable for someone else to use :slight_smile:

What will I do next, specifically?
The plan is to go back through my game engine, and make a bunch of updates. I plan on making it easier to use, and adding some basic features, like particle effects. If you are really interested, I am tracking that progress here. After I do this, I will be working on a small platformer game. I will post the progress on that here on the forums.

Game code: GitHub - Kyjor/julgame-firebase-example: A simple multiplayer game made with JulGame using firebase as the "server"
“Server” code: GitHub - Kyjor/coin-grabber-firebase-server
Game engine used: GitHub - Kyjor/JulGame.jl: JulGame is a game engine based on the Julia programming language with the help of SDL2.
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Hey @Kyjor !

I have no technical comment other than saying this is so wholesome, fun, and incredible! I didn’t realize you could do something like this within Julia – I’ve been following your work here and there and I love the boundaries you are pushing with what is possible within Julia. Keep going and I am excited to see what is next!

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:

P.S. CC’ing @Siddharth_Bhatia and @Tarny_GG_Channie since you all might find this neat!


Hey @TheCedarPrince !

I really appreciate that! I think Julia has a lot of potential in gaming and hopefully one day we can unlock it!


I can only say nice work, though I still don’t see how traditional game development could lead to the glory I imagined.
Look at this scene from Thor Ragnarok.

You can see the range of motion is not possible even within the top games today.
I want that.

Amazing job! I’m not a game developer, but projects like this really inspire me to try one myself. It’s great to see Julia in projects that aren’t necessarily related to scientific computing. Keep it up! I’ll share this with my colleagues


@indymnv thank you! Hopefully one day soon the engine will be friendly enough for anyone to use!




How is this library different from Gamezero? What’s they key difference?

@Tarny_GG_Channie Regarding the range of motion. I worked in the VFX industry a long time ago. There are 24 frames per second in a movie. There is a rule of thumb that the time taken to render a frame stays roughly constant (I can’t remember the time). What the artists do is pack more and more detail and physics into the rendering - which claws back any time saving.

Look at Toy Story - marvellous movie, but those toys are made of smooth plastic. Move on a few years and there is Monsters Inc - monsters with moving fur.

I’m thinking the more basic stuffs like doing backflip and throwing blade mid-air or something. I’m about giving the players more things they could do.

Nice work @Kyjor ! Very much looking forward to seeing progress on the engine!

Thanks for sharing @TheCedarPrince !


Thanks, @Siddharth_Bhatia !

This is amazing! Great work! Really nice to see you made an engine. JulGame.jl looks clean.

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@Robert_Moss Thank you! I’ve had so much fun learning Julia through making games. Hopefully soon this will be usable for other Julia beginners

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