Need new maintainers for Mongo.jl and LibBSON.jl



Hi there,

I am the maintainer of the limongo-client bindings for Julia, which are at and I am no longer able to maintain these packages, and so I am looking for a new maintainer to take over. I will need to transfer ownership of these repos to the new maintainer, at which point the Julia packages can be updated to point to the new location. Please let me know if there is someone interested, or if there is some other place I should post or someone I should contact about this.



Maybe Mongo.jl should go to the JuliaDatabases org, and LibBSON.jl to the JuliaIO org.


Taggin some people in the org to draw attention to this… @viralbshah @abhijithch @avik @Pradeep_Mudlapur @quinnj @ranjan @StefanKarpinski @tanmaykm


@MikeInnes has now created a native Julia BSON.jl, so if you can’t find a maintainer, you could just redirect users to that.


What is the path you think it should be followed to use BSON.jl with Mongo in Julia?
Create a native driver or use the Mongo C Driver wrapper but using BSON.jl instead of LibBSON C wrapper?