[ANN] Mongoc.jl v0.4.0 - a MongoDB driver for Julia


Mongoc.jl v0.4.0 is out!

It now supports GridFS API, which is something similar to a AWS S3 Bucket.
And also BSON serialization.

To install it, just type:

pkg> add Mongoc



Great! Thanks!

I see there are compatibility issues of Mongoc.jl with Windows 10.

What is the recommended strategy? Use Mongo.jl? Or stick to Mongoc.jl and apply workarounds? Can you please describe the most effective way?

I am struggling with “libmongoc-1.0.dll cannot be dlopen’ed”.


The best approach should be to compile the dll yourself and place it in the deps folder of Mongoc.jl.

See build may fail on Windows 10 · Issue #44 · felipenoris/Mongoc.jl · GitHub for my various attempts on building the dll with open source auditable tools.

Hi, I am trying to use Mongoc.jl without success … I just reported. Issue may be similar.

I am using MacOS M1 - ARM with Julia version 1.7.0-rc2

Thank you in advance

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