Nbdev for julia

Wondering if there is anything with similar functionality as nbdev (https://github.com/fastai/nbdev) for Julia or if it might make sense to get this working for Julia?

I don’t know which functionality your are looking for, but https://github.com/fredrikekre/Literate.jl might be worth a try.

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Thanks for the link. This definitely looks very useful. It does seem different in that it starts from a julia file and can generate markdown, notebooks or cleaned julia script whereas nbdev is based around the notebook as the starting point. nbdev also helps out with boiler plate tasks like creating package (setup.py for python), CI and documentation generation.

for package templates, see

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I would also look at Steven Johnson’s NBInclude.jl which lets you import code from Jupyter notebooks like so:

using NBInclude

nbdev seems to be built on top of `jupyter notebook (as far as I can tell it is all client-side modifications). It might just work with the existing IJulia kernel if you select the kernel in a new notebook – have you tried that?


Hi @nmoran I am not sure if you are still looking out for something similar to nbdev for Julia. I was also looking for something similar but I found that the closest thing to nbdev in Julia world is Litrate.jl. However in Litrate.jl it’s the reverse i.e. the source is a Julia file and then you can generate markadown, scripts or notebook from there.

I have worked in nbdev and wanted something similar to nbdev, so I was thinking about leveraging Litrate,jl and existing tooling in ipython to build a Julia version of nbdev.

It would be great if people in the community can join me in developing this idea further.