Name for last version that supports v0.6

The last version of Unitful.jl (0.9.0) doesn’t work for Julia 0.6, which is great and awesome because it does work for v0.7 (I think). Moving forward!

But, is there some agreed upon standard way to pin all the packages to v0.6 compatible versions? How can I, as a user, prevent my Pkg.updates in a v0.6 Julia from breaking things? The way I managed it now was to go to the of Unitful and find that v0.8.0 will probably be the last version that supports v0.6. Maybe some tagname, like v"0.6compatible" or some such? Mind you the inverse of this might also be useful, v"0.7compatible"…

The REQUIRE file of each package should contain the lowest Julia version. If you do a Pkg.update in Julia-0.6, it will not install package versions which only work on >0.6, such as Unitful 0.9.0.

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Then why would a Pkg.update() in Julia v0.6.4 update Unitful's version from 0.8.0 to 0.9.0?
In 0.8.0 REQUIRE we have: julia 0.6
and in 0.9.0: julia 0.7.0-beta.66

Maybe I had Unitful checked out…?


I did that already, and everything works, my question was if we should all agree on a name for “the last version of a package that works in julia v0.6” so that pining all the packages in julia v0.6 will be easy. But, as @mauro3 explained, there’s no need for that cause the REQUIRE file takes care of that. My conundrum was/is why would Pkg update Unitful to 0.9 then? My only explanation is that I might have had Unitful checked out to master and forgot about it.


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