Discrepancy between julia 1.0 and 1.1 while installing a package

Installing package QuantumInformation on julia 1.0 causes the newest version of the package 0.4.3 to be installed. Performing the same installation on julia 1.1 yields the package version 0.4.1. I am the package developer, so it seams to be my mistake which I do not know how to fix.

Can anybody point to me to a solution?

This is because your REQUIRE file states that it does not support Julia 1.1: https://github.com/ZKSI/QuantumInformation.jl/blob/f7b081d7e6f8397a665650a82f54ee5fac9deeab/REQUIRE#L1 and thus: https://github.com/JuliaRegistries/General/blob/1f3ec3048af2e7f282f415967c189a5920485d42/Q/QuantumInformation/Compat.toml#L19

Thanks for your response.

I was unable to find the semantics of the REQUIRE files so I assumed that writing
julia 1.0 1.1 will mean that both of the versions are supported. How do I change the requirements in order to support both of the versions?

The revolution that was brought by Pkg3 confuses me a lot. And I can not find good documentation how to write REQUIRE and Project.toml files.

Yea, one would think so, but that means [1.0, 1.1). You can just update it to say julia 1 for example.

Yea, it is unfortunate that we are still in between systems.

Here’s the old REQUIRE file documentation from Julia 0.6: https://docs.julialang.org/en/v0.6/manual/packages/#REQUIRE-speaks-for-itself-1.

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The docs for Pkg are here: https://julialang.github.io/Pkg.jl/v1/.

Is there anything specific that confuses you?

Thanks. It is not obvious that in order to develop packages for Julia 1.0/1.1 one should look at the documentation for Julia 0.6.

There is a lack of good tutorial how to port packages from Julia 0.6 to 1.0. When REQUIRE file is needed and when Project.toml. This information can be found but is scattered in various places.