Move Announcements category further down?

On my phone the Announcements category takes half the space but it almost never updates. For users who visit the site more than once a month it’s kind of a waste of screen real estate. Maybe we can just move it down and have New to Julia and General Usage at the top.


I still think it should be at the top but maybe we can reduce the number of posts it shows in the main feed to 1 or 2? @mbauman

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It is a little funny how the phone view is so significantly different. This is definitely possible, but it’s not a quick toggle and would require some theme hacking.

It is possible to change the layout and do not show categories as all, just the posts, with most recent first. I prefer that.


Oh wait, I found it: How to increase number of posts on mobile on homepage? - support - Discourse Meta. I’ve reduced the number in Announcements to 2.

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Yes, that’s possible as a user setting. You can change your preferred homepage view in your interface preferences.


Oh yes, it was not a question. Thanks anyway. :slightly_smiling_face: