Purpose of the Announcements category

The Announcements category should be moved under the Community category, at least per its present description.

EDIT: Updated the description of the Announcements category to state its special role.

The announcement category is a replacement for julia-news and will be very low frequency (e.g. mostly about releases, JuliaCon). For announcement out of the community (new packages, major package milestones) the Community category is the right place.

I think we should continue to use these distribution lists in noreply mode for important announcements (both), and periodic discourse activity summaries (-users) for some considerable time going forward. The over 5000-person subscriber lists (-users + -news) is not something to throw away lightly.


-news only has 447 subscribers at the moment. If I get permissions to post to the Discourse Announcements category I think Iā€™d rather do release announcements here and only here going forward.

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