Discourse v3.0

Things look a little different around here this afternoon — we’ve been upgraded to Discourse v3.0:

There are lots of new goodies in addition to the obvious UI changes, including things we can decide to enable (or not) on a site-wide basis like channel-wide chats and in-topic whispers and more.

A number of new things are personally customizable, too, like for example, the categories and tags that appear in the new sidebar can be changed for just you in your preferences:



So my default use mode for Discourse was to have the Latest tab opened and it would have a bar pop-up to indicate new stuff appeared that I could click and refresh the list without a page reload.
This seems to not be the case any more and I can’t find a setting that would manage this.
Am I missing something?


That sounds like a regression in functionality that would be worth reporting upstream at meta.discourse.org.

This banner is present on the Meta Discourse, so probably the setting is now opt-in or something.
Anyway, I asked a question there about it here.

Will post an update if I get some directions there.

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Thanks for posting it there! Looks like a fix is already in the works.

It’s taking a little getting used to, but I’m really enjoying the new Discourse layout—especially the left nav bar, which makes it much easier to tell where there’s new content to see.


Do you have to configure something, somewhere to see when there’s new content in a category? All I see is a list with blue dots:


That blue dot is the badge for new content — you can change it to numbers in your preferences. It means that you have new activity there since your last visit. Visit the category (or maybe even just latest?) and they’ll get reset.

It’s 3.0 but I still can’t deselect a badge, I just get “FAILED” :')

Thanks! I finally figured it out. I thought that just visiting a category would reset the blue dot/counter. I actually have to read everything, or click the dismiss button, to reset it.