"Module Parsers is missing from the cache"

I made some changes to my package and then tried running it with workers. Now I get these errors on the workers:

Warning: Module Parsers with build ID 337459641262600 is missing from the cache.
Cannot write cache file "C:\Users\nicho\.julia\compiled\v1.2\DataStructures\xKiwJ.ji".

And more like that.

It was working fine, now it isn’t; did I do something wrong? Is this a bug?

Nevermind, between restarts and ]update somehow it fixed itself. shrugs

Edit: Turns out I was staring at the solution the whole time and didn’t see it: http://docs.junolab.org/latest/man/faq/#Some-Juno-package-is-using-the-wrong-precompile-cache,-what-do-I-do?-1