ModelingToolkit.jl for material flow analyis (MFA)

I was wondering if there are any people working on material flow analysis problems using ModelingToolkit.jl? And has developed/is working on extensions like the ones in ModelingToolkitStandardLibrary.jl?

MFA tracks materials (i.e. mass flows) through a system of connected components. Components can alter the material (for example, three raw materials are mixed in a certain proportion to create, taking some predefined time, an intermediate product), connections have limited flow rates, components can be of the “pushing type” (as soon as the output is ready, it is pushed out to a next component; either continuous or in batches of a certain size) or “pulling type” (a component pulls in resources from different potential sources, whoever is prepared to deliver). And so on.

Googling gives me a very poor signal to noise ratio, so I turn to the source of all Julia-knowledge…

There has been some modeling of waste treatment plants, but nothing public.