Two small design improvements

  1. Could the “Solution” button be farther apart from the other options?

I have found myself quite a few times inadvertendly clicking on “Solution” when trying to do something else. And worse, sometimes on OPs which are not mine and which have already a solution marked by the original poster.

  1. Default “Hide Details” text:

This text will be hidden

We are always sharing Code, so why not use “Code” instead of “Summary” as default here?

I don’t think either of those are easily customizable here — both would have to be changed upstream.

For the first point, you could ask on this thread: Discourse Solved (Accepted answer plugin) - plugin - Discourse Meta

For the second, I don’t think that’s customizable, but “Summary” is indeed a very strange word to use for this. Like I want a summary to go there, and the tag you use to customize it is called <summary>, but that doesn’t mean that the word Summary is a good default. Something like “More details” or “Open for more details” would make more sense. You could open a new topic at if you feel strongly about this.


A small/related question: other discourse forums ( and github have copy-code button for code-blocks.
It is convenient especially for larger blocks.
I did not find any request here for this feature, should i start one?

As a workaround (for copy code block) my son cooked a js script, which is managed by tampermonkey - Edit Copy on julia discourse 2 | OpenUserJS