Methods not loaded from package in Pluto, works in REPL

In the REPL I can type:

using DataDrivenDiffEq
sampler = DataSampler(
           Split(ratio = 0.8), Batcher(n = 10)

but in Pluto the same give error:

“UndefVarError: Split not defined”

DataDrivenDiffEq is exporting all functions. I also tried:

using DataDrivenDiffEq: Split, Batcher, DataSampler


import DataDrivenDiffEq: Split, Batcher, DataSampler

Any ideas? I have become very fond of using Pluto…

It works fine for me:

Thats strange, exactly what you do above gives the error “Split not defined”. I am on Mac…and still works for REPL, all packages updated. tested 1.6, 1.7, 1.8…

To add further to the strangeness:


lists all expected function EXCEPT Split, DataSampler, Batcher…

while doing


in the REPL does include e.g. Split, DataSampler, Batcher…

Works fine here as well, with
julia-1.6.5, Pluto v0.18.4, DataDrivenDiffEq-v0.8.0
What are your versions ?

Thank you all for looking into it. It seems I didn’t understand the intricacies of the Pluto Pkgmanager. In my Julia install the DataDrivenDiffEq was 0.8 but when looking inside Pluto with Pkg.status() I had 0.7. So I just learned that one can/must update the package within the notebook by clicking on the check check icon next to the using {Package} and then arrow up icon. On reading more about the features of Pkgmanager within Pluto I see that its very useful, but I had missed this aspect, thinking it was enough to update in the main Julia REPL.

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