Method to find previous output in vscode julia repl


I am using vscode to run my julia code. I use @time to know how long my code needs to run, something like 815.511743 seconds (5.52 G allocations: 573.809 GiB, 5.88% gc time). But when I try to find the total time of some code I run earlier, I fail to find it. It seems that my vscode terminal does not show the whole history output. How to solve this problem? Thank you.

How much earlier are we talking about? I think the memory may be truncated after some point but it is not necessarily the problem you’re facing

I try to get the output like several minutes ago. I guess it is my fault. I keep losing some previous outputs results after I execute some commands in the terminal of vscode.

If I remember correctly, the problem is not in terms of minutes but in terms of nb of lines printed in the REPL since the command you wish to go back to.
Have you tried How to save @time output in a file or variable? ?

You can try changing the terminal.integrated.scrollback setting to a higher value (e.g. 10000).