Meshfree methods

are there any known packages or modifications for meshfree methods like IGA Galerkin?
I cannot find much in the internet. Maybe someone already modified JuAFEM for these kind of applications?

@kristoffer.carlsson should chime in about JuAFEM - but I’ll note that I find @PetrKryslUCSD’s survey of PDE packages quite useful.



IGA is a finite element method, not a particle method. What is it that you wish to do?

I am wishing to use IGA combines with JuAFEM.
Another thing I would like to test are IGA Collocation methods.

I have done some work with JuAFEM + IGA, check out my pkg here:

Note: the master branch is old, and you should use #refac_ghp for the latest (I am planning to update the master branch soon though).

There is not a lot of documentation, but I have made one example that you can take a look at: