ANN: new GridapBifurcationKit

Dear all,

I am happy to announce a new package GridapBifurcationKit.jl which allows to perform bifurcation analysis of PDE using the FEM implemented in Gridap.jl.

In effect, this is just a wrapper of BifurcationKit.jl but I thought it is convenient enough to make it a package. The beauty of Gridap.jl lies in the way one can specify sophisticated PDE and I hope that the associated framework can benefit from bifurcation analysis.

You can see a simple example of use in this tutorial.

What is missing to this new package is using the new AD (autodiff) from Gridap.jl, if you have an idea, do not hesitate to make a PR.

I hope you will find this useful,

I thank a lot @fverdugo and @santiagobadia for their help

Best regards.