Maximum line length for code w/o scrollbars?

I am wondering about the maximum line length I can use on this forum for displayed code that doesn’t result in a scrollbar.

I found that 70 works OK, but it depends on the magnification. Is there a recommended value?

This helps for trying it out:


I see three fours on my phone without scrolling

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Two 3s cut off on mine. Should have splurged on that bigger screen… :pensive:

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While I understand that some people use phones (which are getting bigger) to browse the web, I am primarily interested in the environment that they would use for coding.

Making browser windows narrow can also replicate what happens on phone, but I assume people use fullscreen or close. So 70 characters seems reasonable.

On my PC screen there seems to be space left for about 4 more digits before scrolling would start. 70 seems like a nice, workable number.

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