MathJax for LaTeX equations



Would it be possible to add MathJax to Discourse? It would be nice to be able to write good looking LaTeX equations.


There is a plugin that allows for MathJax, but it is currently not supported on this version of discourse.

I would like to see support for it too, but as of right now it is not possible.


This recent post on the meta-discourse forum suggests that a recent commit may fix the problem.


Thanks for pointing that out. One of the issues is that we have a hosted instance provided by discourse and they currently don’t support that plugin. I raised the issue with them and hopefully we will get it enabled eventually.


Their response indicated that there wasn’t much demand for supporting this plugin, so maybe if we can think of other projects using hosted Discourse that might be interested, we can make a “petition” together with those other projects.


To that end, if anyone knows of projects using Discourse that would want MathJax support, post them here!


Nobody seems to have linked to the plug-in:

@StefanKarpinski, If you have just asked them “Are you supporting this?” and they said “Nobody seems to really want it” then surely the next logical line of dialogue is “Julia is moving to Discourse and (as Julia is a tech for mathmos) we would love it!” – that may qualify as sufficient demand in and of itself, coming from one of the founders of a key emerging technology.


We already expressed that we want it – I think that doesn’t count as enough demand.


KaTeX may be a better alternative though.


For reference, Gitter uses KaTeX and it works very well.


@StefanKarpinski, I know Pixl.Us wants it:


Also, the CVX Forum has it as well:

Though I’m not sure about the version.